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Gandharan Studies

(Founded in 2007)

M. Nasim Khan

The Gandharan Studies has been published since 2007 and operates with "double blind" peer review policy. It is published annually and is distinguished by its consistency and scholarly articles of the highest quality on Gandhara and its surrounding regions. The publication of the Journal was initially sponsored by the Royal Numismatic Society, Neil Kreitman Fund, London, and Society for South Asian Studies, London. Since 2015 we also receive occasional grant from the Higher Education Commission of Pakistan (HEC) and we are grateful to all of these organizations for their support.

The Gandharan Studies was founded in 2007 by M. Nasim Khan of the Department of Archaeology, University of Peshawar, and was first published under the umbrella of the Ancient and Medieval Gandhara Research Group, British Association for South Asian Studies (BASAS).










Editorial Board

Michael ALRAM
        Kunst Historisches Museum Wien, Austria
        Ex-Keeper, Department of Coins and Medals, British Museum, London –UK
Gul Rahim KHAN
        Department of Archaeology, University of Peshawar – Pakistan
Zarawar KHAN
        Institute of Cultural Heritage, Tourism and Hospitality Management, Swat University - Pakistan
Judith A. LERNER
        Editor Journal of Inner Asian Art and Archaeology, USA
Chongfeng LI
        Department of Archaeology, Peking University, Beijing - China
        Philadelphia University, USA
Cameron PETRIE
        Cambridge University, UK
        TIAC, Quaid-i-Azam University, Pakistan
        Universiti Sains Malaysia, Penang, Malaysia
Katsumi TANABE
        Chuo University-Tokyo, Japan
Muhammad ZAHIR
        Department of Archaeology, Hazara University - Pakistan





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