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The Journal Gandhāran Studies was established in 2007. It mainly focuses on research related to the history and Civilization of ancient and medieval Gandhāra and its surrounding regions. The first issue which is published under the aegis of the CGBS is volume 10 of the Journal.



Volume 10, 2016

Volume 11, 2017

Prof. Meritorious Dr. M. Nasim Khan (TI, BUTA)




Editorial Committee
Michael ALRAM (Austrian Academy of Sciences, Austria)
Joe CRIBB (British Museum, UK)
Ute FRANKE-VOGT ( Islamic Art Museum – Berlin, Germany)
Judith A. LERNER, Editor Journal of Inner Asian Art and Archaeology
Michael MEISTER (Philadelphia University, USA)
MOHD MOKHTAR SAIDIN (Universiti Sains Malaysia, Penang, Malaysia)
Cameron PETRIE (Cambridge University, UK)
Abdur RAHMAN (Peshawar University, Pakistan)
Muhammad Farooq SWATI (Peshawar University, Pakistan)
Katsumi TANABE (Chuo University-Tokyo, Japan)
Rita WRIGHT (New York University, USA)










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