Volume 10


The Geographical Distribution of Gandhara Grave Culture or Protohistoric Cemeteries in Northern and North-Western South Asia

Muhammad Zahir

A Note on the Excavation at Aziz Dherai in 2013

Muhammad Arshad Mughal

Dating the Bimaran Casket – its Conflicted Role in the Chronology of Gandharan Art

Joe Cribb

Some Observations on Partitioned Stone Vessels from Afghanistan

Wannaporn Kay Rienjang

Buddhism in Gandhāra – Text Versus Architectural Space and Iconography - The Case of the Buddhist Site of Aziz Dheri – A Revised version

M. Nasim Khan

Archival Documents of the Archaeological Survey of India, Frontier Circle-A Root to the History of Sub-Regional Office Peshawar of the Department of Archaeology and Museums, Government of Pakistan

Zarawar Khan

The Palola Śāhi Inscription of Peshawar Museum: a Preliminary Study

Nasha Bin Rodziadi Khaw

News and Views from Gandhāra












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