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From the beginnings of antiquarian investigation of this part of the subcontinent, which initially involved European military and civil officials, the investigation of the cultural history of Gandhāra has undergone a gradual evolution up to the present such that a large number of national and international organizations and individual are currently engaged in reconstruction the history of the region and its role in the making and unmaking the history of the whole of the subcontinent. The results of many of these efforts, in particular those of the indigenous scholars, often lie unnoticed by the broader academic community. Most of the standing journals in Pakistan are either not being published regularly or they have started to lower their academic standards. Similarly, a number of new popular journals have appeared and then disappeared without knowing the reasons, while others have continued but lack any academic paradigm. The founding of Gandhāran Studies is, therefore, an effort to try and give a platform to scholars so that they can contribute to and share knowledge about the ancient and medieval history of Gandhāra. The journal is of interest to archaeologists, numismatists, epigraphists, historians of religion and art historians at various stages of their careers whose research focuses on this key region of modern Pakistan.