What is CGBS ?

The Centre for Gandhāran and Buddhist Studies (CGBS) is the first of its kind in this country. It aims to promote education and encourages excellence in research investigations by scholars and students working on the history, cultures and religions of ancient Gandhāra. The CGBS promotes lectures, seminar series and conferences on Gandhāran and Buddhist Studies, both within the Centre and also for the general public.

CGBS also works for the protection of archaeological heritage of the region and to preserve the wealth of knowledge that used to be taught in the two most ancient education centres of Taxila and Kashmir Smast. Establishment of the Centre is in fact a first step towards the revival of ancient Taxila’s University which we envisage to re-establish in future.




Gandhāra has been the focus of archaeological interest for almost 150 years. Formal archaeological investigation began in the early 20th century when the area was the centre of extensive and long-term excavations led by British archaeologists. Since then significant research developments have been made in the history of Gandhāra which show that for many centuries this area remained a meeting place and conduit of civilizations. It is also well recognised as a great and ancient centre of learning, particularly for Buddhists and Hindus. Substantial work has already been done on a wide range of aspects of Gandhāran history, its culture and religions. Recent discoveries, many already published in the pages of Gandhāran Studies, show that we have still much to do to fully understand the true picture of the history of Gandhāra and its role in the expansion of Buddhism and Hinduism and in the dissemination of knowledge and scholarship. In the light of these new researches the Centre is trying to push forward our understanding of Gandhāra and its place in history, through a wide range of researches, such as revisiting the already established chronology of the area. The Centre is trying to promote the re-writing of the history of Gandhāra and the preservation of its cultural heritage for future generations.

The Centre for Gandhāran and Buddhist Studies has launched its academic activities and will hopefully pave the way for the revival of the spirit of ancient University of Takṣaśila (Taxila), said to have been the earliest academia of its kind in the world. Taxila was a great centre where both Buddhists and Brahmins went to study many different arts and skills. Its ancient university remained an important centre of Buddhist learning and higher education. Kauṭilya, the author of the famous treatise Arthaśāstra and minister of Chandragupta Maurya, is also thought to have been a teacher at this ancient University.

To promote teaching and research and to work for the promotion and protection of the ancient cultures of the region of Gandhāra, initially, the Centre is established in Peshawar but will be soon to move to its destination, the historic local of Taxila. The Centre for Gandhāran and Buddhist Studies is a self-funded Centre which requires financial support to carry out its research activities. We are looking for donations to allow the Centre to operate day to day and to support the overall running of the Centre. We need your support and encouragements to make the dream of the revival of the ancient Takṣaśila University comes true.
















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